mullearn provides expert advice on multilingual and multicultural development for families and professionals.




mullearn supports multilingual families through all stages of multilingual language and literacy development in individual and group sessions.



mullearn offers training in early bilingual and bicultural development for antenatal teachers, nannies, schools and councils.


Our group sessions are designed to give you a general overview of the specificities of bilingual development, its different types and milestones, introduce you to the concept of harmonious bilingualism, discuss some of the cognitive changes involved in a multilingual upbringing and provide some general tips on successful family language policies. 

Have a look at our upcoming dates in your neighborhood and book your place.

Not on the list? Send us a message and we'll try to arrange a session in your area soon. If you know other mums and dads who might be interested, get in touch and we'll organise a meeting for you.


Have you been to our group session but still have some burning questions ? Or would you simply like an individual consultation which caters to your specific needs? 

In this case our individual consultations will be the best option for you. Give us a call or send us a message to arrange an individual session, either in person or via Skype.



The basis for successful bilingual development is laid in early childhood. We therefore provide unique courses that are specifically designed for antenatal practitioners.

These courses cover steps in negotiating a family language policy, milestones in bilingual language development, the role of home language use for harmonious bilingual development and a lot more.

Are you an antenatal course provider or interested teacher? Please get in touch to arrange a training day.


Working with multilingual families requires a specific skill set. In our training sessions, nannies and au-pairs learn about bilingual language development and how to best support it in their daily work. 

Are you a nanny or nanny course provider and would like to book a training session? Please get in touch to discuss details and any questions you might have.


We provide training in form of twilight sessions and whole-day workshops for professionals working in schools. We can advise on how best to support children with EAL, how to differentiate children with typical bilingual development from those with language disorders and support EAL and SEN departments that are preparing to merge due to structural changes in their schools.

Please contact us for further information and to book a course.